Day 52/100
Personal Project
Last March 2015, I decided to embark on a 100-day project: I'd handletter quotes or requested lines onto postcards and physically mail them out to 100 people (through a sign up form on my website). Well, 55 postcards later and I'm in a bit of a squeeze (realizing that while some wanted awesome quotes, some wanted postcards that said, "Beat you to the finish line!" which I felt weren't very... erm, fun to share.) So I've postponed the project, but at least I have 45+ (!) postcards to share!
It's interesting to see how my style has evolved 45+ postcards in. Can you imagine how different it'd probably be if I finished all 100? ;) (I'm on it...!) But I just love how this project represents starting, the messy middle, and evolution. <3
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