Walk Write Wander Wonder: A Travel Journal
Idea to Market: The Design Entrepreneur Workshop 2012 – School of Visual Arts

Got the wonderful opportunity to learn design entrepreneurship under Lita Talarico and Steven Heller at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. It was a fun, two-week workshop with several experts in business, marketing, and design. Our project for the two weeks was to conceptualize and design a product to make and sell — mine was, oh so predictably, a creative travel journal. (Also: this is where I first came up with walk write wander wonder... and have been obsessed with those four words since.) I also got to use the photos I took on a recent trip to London. Love!

Cotton Bureau

Love Cotton Bureau! So glad to have the chance to release three shirts with them. They got to print (whew!) and are no longer available, but might have a chance to come back if you request for them!