My Project Life Process

Note: This entry was written in July 2014 (!) for the Life Documented Manila blog — a scrapbooking community/store I run with two other partners in my hometown of Manila. We used to have a weekly "Project Life Tuesdays" column, and I thought it would be interesting to dive into my "scrapbooking" process — it's something I need to get back into! As you can see, the process is a good mix of digital and analogue (am I the only one who arranges their photos for printing in InDesign? I love InDesign.) Also, it was the week I started working on designing my first kit with Kelly Purkey — a dream come true! Also also, I love that it was the week I went to the amazing Elle Luna's show! (See! So glad I documented this.)


Happy Tuesday everyone! This week I’m sharing a bit about my Project Life process — ever since school started getting really busy, I haven’t had time to work on my PL (hello Post Its instead of weekly spreads!) but now that summer’s here, I have time to sit down and catch up.(Of course, there are no rules! Caught up or not, Project Life should serve you and not the other way around. It’s supposed to be fun!)

So here’s a peek at how I start my PL process. First, this is the current state of last week’s spread (June 2-8, 2014) in my album. Nice, eh?

That Post It has a tiny sketch of my page protectors and what I think could go in it. But how do I figure that out? My iPhone! ;) My favorite app for recounting events is an app called Momento, which gathers all your social media posts by day. I like it because in one glance, I can see all my tweets and Instagram posts from all my accounts. I also go through my Camera Roll to see what pictures I took that week.

A lifesaver for me is the Dropbox app — I invested in paying the $9.99 per month to have all my photos automatically backed up. It’s great because it saves time and backs up my photos really quick — I took this screenshot to show you and it was already backing up the photos I took a few minutes ago!

Once I’ve decided on my photos, I set them up for printing on InDesign. You can use Photoshop or other programs for this; I just love InDesign because it’s what I’m most used to using as a publication designer. (Also, I have art school to thank for my large format printer!) Laying out these 3×4 photos on an 11×17 piece of cardstock, making the most of the space. (I also added a few photos from previous weeks that I already know I want to include in other spreads.)

Then, we print! While I’m waiting for it to print, I go through the filler cards I have — it’s all unorganized in a tiny box. This collection is a mix of cards from Studio Calico and Project Life kits.

Once done, I sit on the floor and gather a few other supplies I *might* use — thickers, stickers, etc.

I put things in pockets as soon as I’m done trimming them and adding a few stickers or two. I’m not too big on heavy embellishments, mainly because I never know how to use them! ;) A few more process shots of me figuring out what to use or include. I also ended up punching holes & including a thank you card I got from my friends at 826 Valencia this week. (If you read our blog regularly, you’ll know that’s my favorite technique to add real things in my PL spreads!)

Ta-da! Here is the final spread. I’m glad to include a picture of myself (which is rare!) — this one is extra special because it’s one with one of my big art heroes, Elle Luna — I talk about her a lot in our Currently series. She’s a local artist/tech person/designer here in SF and it was so lovely to meet her last week. (We have mutual friends and she already knew who I was when I introduced myself, which totally blew my mind!) Also included are sketches from a dream project I’m working on (more on that soon!), a perfect day in SF (imagine Philippine temperatures with a cool breeze… it was perfect!), an event invitation launching a book I helped design for 826 Valencia, and Justin Timberlake on repeat on my phone!

Now to repeat that process for the 14 weeks (!) I’m behind!