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Oh my goodness. I'm way, waaaaayyy behind on my Project Life album — so much so that I've resorted to posting last year's pages on our Life Documented Manila blog for Project Life Tuesday. Heehee. I really ought to join #letscatchuponprojectlife. Really really.

But! One good thing about digging through the old albums is that I get to share previously un-shared PL pages. This one happens to be one of my favorite spreads:

Posted more about this spread here. Check it out!

Now, to figure out a catch up on PL plan...

Wednesday Wishlist

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I know I'm not alone on this, but man: so many books, so little time. I have a couple of titles that I've been keeping an eye out for, and I can't wait till they're finally released.

Make It Mighty Ugly is something that I think I need right now... anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge perfectionist (therefore, procrastinator) and goodness — I'm constantly doubting and second guessing myself and my work. So, check: need this book. (Or a life coach. Ha!) 

1 Page at a Time is a book I've been seeing a lot of on Instagram — also because I follow Adam (his ephemera Instagrams remind me so much of the little bits I save for my Project Life albums... love it!) Absolutely love his style — of course, anything handlettered / illustrated is awesome in my book — and love these creativity journals (like Keri Smith's!) Hope to get a copy soon.

Oh, speaking of books and pre-ordering, The Manual is back on Kickstarter. Have the first volume and totally backed this for the next few issues, because Frank Chimero. Hahha! And wahey, Craig has an essay in Issue 4 too! So fun.

Daily Drawing Project

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One of my favorite perks of working as an intern at Chronicle Books is getting to raid the free table — you never know what (surplus) goodies are in store: sometimes the table is sad and empty (full of mockups or old Moleskine pens), sometimes you hit the jackpot (hello, Moleskine diaries!) and sometimes, fun things like this pop up.

I know why it's in the free table — a 2014 calendar in August isn't as helpful anymore, but: I'm taking this as the Universe's project prompt for me. I've always wanted to get a copy of this book... but hey, the calendar version is just as fun! :)

Starting my Daily Drawing Project in September: I'm going to stick to this calendar and a Tombow brush pen (limitations, limitations!)

Anyone wanna play along?

My (messy) space

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Pam recently featured me over on her blog for her Createspaces feature! (Thanks, Pam!)

I'm currently fixing up my space: ogling Muji / Ikea furniture, setting aside donation piles, sorting my books by color (!) so it's all a work in progress, but really: I do my best work on the floor. Hahha. The yellow lighting in my room is horrible, though — something I gotta figure out how to fix!

But anyway, hop on over to her blog to read all about it! :)


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Working out of Makeshift Society today — absolutely love this space.

When I first signed up for a membership, I was a bit worried that it'd be full all the time, or that I'd have to chat up my seat mates (okay, okay, I know this is the point of coworking....) but it's nice and quiet. Everyone seems busy with their own things (whether they're on a conference call or typing away on their laptops) so it's all good. 

Did I mention Blue Bottle is a block away?

It's been an insane-o week, but I'm bouncing back much faster than expected. So yes, yes — the world is still a beautiful place. I should be thankful that my INFP-ness comes with a side of crazy optimism. ;)


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Yesterday was one of the funnest Saturdays Ive had in a while — Dave and I went garage sale hopping over at Bernal Hill. We were on a mission, though: find new pots for his succulents. 

As a wanderer, I absolutely love walking and browsing and taking my time (or, as my dad calls shopping, walking aimlessly) but had to agree that purpose-driven garage sale hopping was a blast. Not only do you save money buy skipping the unnecessary stuff, but you feel extra great when you find what you're looking for. So fun.

A couple of dudes beat us to some succulents we were eyeing though (lesson learned: see it, buy it; let's go around and come back never works), and I decided I wanted my own rosette. Funny — the tiny succulents we ended up buying at Succulence over at Cortland cost more than all the pots we found combined (boo.) But: pretty, pretty succulents.

Never been good at taking care of plants (I have three fake ones from IKEA in my room, much to Dave's disgust) so hopefully I don't completely kill this one.


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Teh Etsy is alive! Hop on over to the shop!

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I might have an obsession with alliteration. Those who know me are probably all, "walk, write, wander, wonder", again?! But I love, love, love it.

A short story on how I first thought of that name. Summer 2012, NYC, I was taking a summer workshop with the Lita Talarico & Steven Heller at SVA. The project for the two week class was to come up with a product to design that could later be something to sell, so naturally, I went with my travel journal idea.

(I have recurring themes in life: travel, coffee, stories, memory-keeping. And alliteration.)

I still remember sitting in the sweltering heat in my cousin's apartment, thinking what in the world I could name this little travel journal, since I had a one-on-one session to discuss (!) my idea (!) with Steve (!) — yes, we got to call him Steve — the next day at noon.

Wander and Wonder! Done. (Nope, a shop in Singapore had that name.)

Wander On? Nahhh.

Gah, I thought. What do I want people to do with this journal?

Walk. Then write. Then wander a bit. Then wonder about what they're seeing.


I presented it to Steve the next day, perfected sketches in hand, and the name made him chuckle a bit. He liked it, but mentioned that his wife made unconventional travel journals too. (Umm, only the Louise Fili!) He did give me a ton of awesome suggestions though, and that was priceless.

But those four words stuck, and not only have I been tossing them on random things every since, I've been living by them, too. (Need to wander more, though.)

You'll see them on more stuff soon. ;)

* * *

Also, if you're wondering: why "Everyday Explorers"? Can't you just stick to "Christine Herrin Makes Things"?

I suppose, but that doesn't sound as cool.

The mission: to make awesome travel-, story-related things. Funny, but I have moodboards and dream boards and forgotten notes in old iPhones and Post-its that all say the same thing: Etsy, travel, scrapbooking, paper.

So really, this thing is almost seven (!) years in the making. Let me know what you think!